Welcome to the Registration help page! You can find some SELF-SERVE helpful documents and videos about the registration process. Please open the file or watch the video you need below to learn step-by-step instructions for each procedure.

If at any time you need help from a PERSON, please do not hesitate to call ELD Registration:



OR contact the ELD Help Centre. Please see ELD Help Centre at the top menu or visit:


  1. How to Make a Profile on the Education Planner BC Website: this is for NEW students only. Make a profile before your register.

2. How to find your student number? (C# or Student Identification (ID)) Please open PDF file:

3. Getting your Camosun Password: Please watch this step by step video about how to set up your Camosun College password for logging into myCamosun and D2L.

4. Using myCamosun to Register: This is a PDF file with screenshots of each step.

Using myCamosun to Register: This is a video of the steps to plan and schedule your courses on myCamosun.

For help using (navigating) myCamosun please see: